Hailing from Detroit but raised by the internet, alternative rapper Rob Apollo is notoriously debaucherous. After gaining national recognition for his 2019 album, “Whore,” Apollo became known for his provocative lyrics, but his strikingly diverse subject matter is what keeps his listeners deeply engaged. Apollo’s signature style, a unique writing voice that bridges rap, indie, and internet culture, directly reflects his wide range of interests and experiences. Detroit hustle, wholesome friendships, Walgreens’ strippers, youthful alcoholism, socialist politics, and art school orgies all exist in Rob Apollo’s chaotic world. His sound alternates between aggressive digital-trap and melodic pop-rap, allowing him to seamlessly exist within the ecosystem of other eclectic artists such as Father, Rico Nasty, ZelooperZ, Tisakorean, and Danny Brown.


Rob Apollo grew up in Rosedale Park, a neighborhood on Detroit’s Westside, before moving to the suburbs in late middle school. Always interested in creating, he started making music and designing in 9th grade. This passion led him to study art and design at Washington University in St. Louis, where he recorded and released his third album, "Whore." With songs like “Whore National Anthem” and “God Blessed Me With Cock,” this bubblegum-rap project cemented his notoriety for being erotic and outlandish. The album gained him national recognition from various music blogs and earned him a nomination for Best New Artist at the 2019 St. Louis Slumfest Awards. Since then, he’s released several singles along with two full-length projects: “Accords” in 2020, and “Bestie” in 2021.



photo by Cory Miller

photo by Shawn Ramchal

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photo by Cory Miller


After a year-long foray into pop-rap, Apollo is back to his bread and butter with Gimme: devious, chaotic raps. Lines about radical wealth redistribution (by killing your landlord) and Covid mental health crises sit directly alongside familiar flexes and the raunchy, out-of-pocket boasts that he’s become notorious for. Gimme was made to dance to; its mid-song tempo change compels you to stand up from your seat, and it's addictive funky bassline forces you to boogie. The song’s music video, which features Apollo as a barber getting into a fight with a client after giving him an awful haircut, perfectly embodies the song’s chaotic fun.

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Cover Art (click to download)

Designed by Rob Apollo, shot by Isayhah

'Gimme' Official Video

 Directed by Isayhah


Exclusive early album listen

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Whore - Album
November 2019

Scam City - Single
October 2020

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Bestie - Album
November 2022

Dance In My Vans - Single
September 2019