Hailing from Detroit but raised by the internet, alternative rapper Rob Apollo is notoriously debaucherous. After gaining national recognition for his 2019 album, “Whore,” Apollo became known for his provocative lyrics and chaotic attitude. Despite his reputation for being outlandish, socially progressive undertones and tongue-in-cheek cultural references keep Apollo's songwriting unique, refreshing, and reflective of his diverse background. As a recent art school graduate who grew up on social media, Apollo’s cultural sensibilities are informed as much by socialist politics and internet humor as they are by his upbringing on the west side of Detroit. Apollo's main influences are other boundary-pushing, alt-rap artists such as Father, Rico Nasty, ZelooperZ, Tisakorean, and Danny Brown.

Swag Addict (feat. Kaio.)

An homage to the swag era of the early 2010’s, “Swag Addict” is a manic bop all about "putting it on." Kaio’s infectious chorus is the foundation of the record, but the high-energy verses are what give the song its unique, mischievous character. The digital-trap beat switches and speeds up halfway through the track, pushing the chanty-ballad into head-banging chaos. The equally energetic music video, the eighth from Apollo this year, finds Apollo, Kaio, and a dozen friends in a white-room studio, all shrouded in a wide-range of eclectic garments and jewelry.

Releases Wednesday, 8/31

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Cover Art (click to download)

Designed by Rob Apollo

'Swag Addict' Official Video

 Directed by Rob Apollo + @ryansmjth


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Song produced by Cutman Xay



photo by @RyanSmjth


photo by @RyanSmjth


photo by @Isayhah