Burn it all and don’t apologize. 

Hailing from Detroit but currently based in Saint Louis, Rob Apollo uses his provocative persona to upend social norms and dismantle expectations. His language and attitude are bold in tone, but progressive in their content and goals. Despite the tongue-in-cheek undertones, sexual boasts, and humorous quotables, Apollo’s songs are reflective at heart, at times sorting though serious concepts such as depression, loss, and love. This unique mix of varying themes and deliveries coexist within a discography that reflects both his multi-faceted personality and captivating youthfulness: he’s only 21.


Rob Apollo gained local and national recognition for his third album, "Whore," a pull-no-punches project about indulgence and debauchery. The album helped him earn a nomination for Best New Artist in St. Louis at the 2019 Slumfest Awards. His main influences are other eccentric black artists such as Father, Tyler, the Creator, HOOK, and Jean Dawson. Since moving to St. Louis in 2017, Apollo has released four projects: APOLLO in November 2017, HADES in March 2019, Whore in November 2019, and Accords in March 2020.



Whore - album

November 2019


Accords - ep

March 2020

6102 - single

September 2019

Bop It! - single

October 2019

Accords (Prelude) - single

February 2020


Bop It! - music video

October 2019

6102 - lyric snippet video

September 2019

Wannabe - live performance video

April 2019

God Blessed Me With Cock - lyric breakdown video

April 2019



photo by Kale Day

photo by Shawn Ramchal

photo by Kale Day