After over six months without releasing music, Rob Apollo returns with "Scam City." The song brings the '80's to 2020 by combining a vintage synth and drum line with contemporary trap drums and delivery. It features Apollo bellowing a barrage of humorous punchlines with his signature braggadocios style. The track was produced by Nova Blu, a fellow Detroit artist who gained acclaim by collaborating with rappers such as MESSIAH! and MAVI. 

The cover art and music video are just as silly as the song, and match its 1980's (or, arguably, 1970's) aesthetic. The cover features Apollo sporting a turtleneck and shimmery throw in front of a glimmering background. The video uses this imagery as well, but also incorporates a narrative attack on a prominent 1980's figure.

The cover art, video, and song audio are all featured below. Rob Apollo's bio and other press kit information can be found here.

scam city master novablu master2
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Cover by Rob Apollo, Nick Lyon, and Cory Miller

Video by Rob Apollo, Cory Miller, and Charlie Paraiso